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Welcome to our blog page. We have lots of short, easy to understand and Jargon free on many varied topics. From “10 ways to retire early “ to “ 10 ways out of debt “. There is something there for everyone and it they will help you on your path to Financial Freedom.

12. I had a Pension – I Think???

Recently a client, called Bob (not his name) age 48, said this to me. He was of the opinion that it had vanished into thin air through the passage of time. That is the thing about pensions, when you pay into them – they will stick around until you draw them down. It is your […]

11. Tax planning takes decades.

When I first heard that in 1995, I thought was an exaggeration. However now as I am nearing my seventh decade on this earth. I very much believe it and encourage people to start as early as possible. Let us look at a few examples. Inheritance tax the following rules apply: Capital Acquisitions Tax Threshold* […]

10. Automate your Life

Automate your financial life in 8 easy steps Financial success is not magic, it’s just engineering and making a series of correct decisions. The key is to build systems and processes that limit the bad financial habits and promote good habits that help your future financial life. This is called precommitment. Step1 : Determine your […]

9. The Future… Will Change

Future is very unpredictable. No matter how hard we try, you cannot really predict what is in store for you in the times to come. However, what you can do is to prepare yourself for it with the best of your abilities. Each one of us has his/her own goals, desires and objectives that we […]

8. 10 ways to retire early

There was a time that people accepted that you would work to 65, collect your gold watch, and go fishing. Thankfully, people are now more financially savvy and choosing our own retirement date, or Financial Independence Day as I prefer to call it. Here are my top 10 tips. Believe you can retire early and […]

7. 10 ways out of debt

1) Create a budget to first identify where you are spending your money, including all spending, food, clothes ETC. establish what interest rates you are paying on each loan and the term of the loan. It comes as quite a shock to people that car loans can be twice as expensive than house loans. 2) […]

6. Debt

Create a budget new. The most important thing when you start to pay down debt. Is to firmly establish your starting position. Only by establishing your starting position can you move forward. The first thing to do is to record all of your spending possibly over a three-month period. This will give a great indication […]

5. 10 Ways to Save Money

Run Down weeks – Now that the food/toilet paper shortageswe expected, never materialised. It would be a great time to clear out that fridge/freezer. Shop for the week, buy the essentials, bread, milk etc while you actively clear out the overcrowded cupboards. You would be amazed at how inventive your cooking will get. I practice […]

4. Pension Falsehood

Falsehood 1– The state will look after my retirement. The state pension is there to stop people falling into total destitute when they retire. Thankfully Leo Varaker has recently decided to link the state pension to 1/3 of the average industrial wage. This has been a very positive move. However, the state pension is in […]

3. Never a borrower, or lender be

A famous line I first heard of my mother’s knee. I did not appreciate the quality of the advice of the time as I was only 12 years of age. However, as I approach 60 I realize the full wisdom of those words. Perhaps it might have been better if she had said to me […]

2. Paying off a tracker mortgage

As a financial adviser, I hear on a daily basis that people have been advised not to pay off their tracker mortgage because it is so cheap. My clients have invariably been advised by well-meaning friend, colleague or financial professional. This is something I strongly disagree with for the following reasons. This loan will have […]

1. What is your financial relationship with money?

It is a strange question to ask yourself, as we all believe that money is a part of our everyday life. However, there are some good financial habits and also some bad financial habits. These can be a product of our childhood or social interaction with people and ultimately our self-esteem. The question is how […]

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