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Financial Planning

You get individual time with Sean, he will help you create a financial plan for your individual needs.

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Get a handle on your own finances by following my weekly financial hints + tips. These tips are easy to follow and understand. Once you have established your starting position, you will get the tools to improve your finances (and reduce financial stress)

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Step 1

Setting goals with the client. Getting to know your goals and financial aspirations. Establishing what is important to you and, more importantly, why it is important. Establishing what your lifestyle and financial goals are and, of course, prioritising those goals.

Step 2

Discovery Process. Gathering the hard data to clearly establish where you are now. We look at and review all your existing financial arrangements i.e. debts, credit cards, loans, investments, life and pension policies, mortgages, income and expenditure. This gives us a clear starting position.

Step 3

Analysing information. Analyse all the data received. Then we complete a lot of back office work to match your goals with financial and taxation strategies. At this stage we meet again and discuss our initial thoughts with you and create a series of ‘what ifs’ to stress test them.

Step 4

Develop a financial plan. Construct a final plan and present the plan to you for final approval. Every aspect of the plan is discussed again until you have clarity on the actions required

Step 5

Implementing the strategies in the plan Every plan must have a call to action to make it effective. We create a list of action points for you. This provides direction and simple steps to follow. Sometimes this may necessitate extra paperwork and we can help you with this.

Step 6

Monitoring & Review. Once the heavy lifting is done, the journey to financial freedom has started. However, as we are all aware, life has the habit of throwing a few curve balls at us. Therefore, it is important to review your plan and adjust it on regular basis. This is to ensure that your goals remain on track.

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